Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Hudson Valley Foie Gras (HVFG) is notorious not only for animal cruelty, but also for polluting the environment with its massive factory farms, and exploiting and abusing the roughly 300 undocumented workers who live in squalid labor camps there.

In a promotional Anthony Bourdain video, the ducks can be seen huddling away from the force feeder, while the pen always keeps them within arm's length. The audio at the end is then doctored to make it sound like the ducks are happily quacking, when they are actually panting, an abnormal indicator of distress. This breed of ducks does not quack. To further dispel the myth that ducks and geese enjoy being force fed, please read this article from The Atlantic.

The Better Business Bureau has found the claims made by HVFG and their paid consultant Lawrence Bartoff to constitute false advertising. The few other farms that produce foie gras are no better.

In a rare moment of candor, HVFG co-owner Michael Ginor had this to say to a reporter in 2009: "There's no question that the duck on day 28 of feeding is not as happy as a duck that hasn't been fed...I felt like I was never 100-percent wholesome with it in the sense that I think you can't be 100-percent wholesome with it...I understand the issues. I partially agree with the issues."

Dr. Ward Stone, the former senior wildlife pathologist for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, has conducted necropsies on ducks who died during force feeding at Hudson Valley Foie Gras and writes, "I eat meat including ducks on occasion. However, the short tortured lives of ducks raised for Foie Gras is well outside the norm of farm practice. Having seen the pathology that occurs from Foie Gras Production, I strongly recommend that this process be outlawed."